Windows Cleaning

RFC Cleaning Services are specialists in providing window cleaning services in both the domestic and business setting. There are many different ways that we can deliver the service, depending on each clients requirements.

Reach and Wash System

The Reach and Wash system technology is used with pure deionised water, making it eco- friendly. Deionised water offers a superior clean to tap water. There is no mineral build up, and your windows will sparkle like new.

It is more efficient, and a much safer working practice. Being able to work from ground level means no use of ladders, so there is no potential risk of damaged and also reduces the risk of accidents . It also offers increased privacy and reduces disturbances.


The Benefits Of Using The Reach & Wash System

The Reach and wash system contains no detergents. It uses pure deionised water. Tap water contains minerals which can leave residue and streaks on the glass. The detergents used in the old traditional way that windows were cleaned, attract dirt.

Using the reach and wash system leaves your windows crystal clean that makes them stay clean longer .

Our Services Include:

  • Window cleaning interior & exterior.
  • Window screens removed, dusted and reinstalled.
  • Window frames and sills cleaned.
  • Skylights & Mirrors.
  • Residential & Commercial.
  • Post construction window cleaning.

We also offer professional pressure washing-services including: house, deck and driveway washing.

If you are looking for a dependable and professional window cleaning service provider, call us on 01 676 60 99 for a free quotation. We Can Make Your Windows Sparkle!